27 Nov 2017

2017 Ofsted Inspection Handbook still expects schools to survey their staff regularly

As it did with the previous inspection handbook, Ofsted makes clear that it values the information from regular staff surveys and will always report on the schools efforts in this area:

(Para 151 of the October 2017 edition of the School inspection handbook).

My website, SchoolStaffSurveys.com, is one of several ways you can run a comprehensive staff engagement survey for your teachers. It isn't free (try Google Forms or SurveyMonkey for a free version), but it requires almost no configuration or setup on your part, and is really simple for your teachers to complete. And you get some nice graphs to show your governors.


About the author: Bruce Greig is an entrepreneur and has been a school governor since 2011. He served as Chair of Governors through two Ofsted inspections and four headteachers. He set up SchoolStaffSurveys.com after discovering how enlightening an anonymous staff survey can be and decided to make it easy for every school to run them.

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